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Sourcing the finest natural ingredients from all over the world

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Our premium skincare and cosmetics formulations leverage the power of high-quality natural ingredients to reveal your inner radiance

At DiscoverYouth, we're committed to producing the most naturally supercharged skincare and cosmetics products in Europe. Our products are the purest on the market, and since they’re made with 100% vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, you can rest assured that you're not only looking good, but doing good too.

Your beauty shouldn’t cost the earth

Make the change to DiscoverYouth and enjoy the following benefits

Naturally pure

Harsh chemicals and additives have no place in our fair formulations. We use a variety of natural ingredients to produce a clean, protective formula that's gentle on your skin and the environment.


Forever cruelty-free

We believe in the ethical treatment of animals and choose not to test our products on animals. In accordance with our policy, we will never use animal products such as beeswax, collagen, lanolin in the production of our merchandise.

Sustainably sourced

We take the sourcing of our ingredients very seriously. We advocate for the environment and local producers by making sure that each ingredient we use is sourced ethically and sustainably.


LYNY DiscoverYouth foot mask peel

Why you’ll love our brand

Since 2019, DiscoverYouth has been harnessing the healing power of nature to create breakthrough skincare products and cosmetics that are highly effective at accentuating your natural beauty without covering it up. Our products are formulated with pure plant extracts that leave skin soft and hydrated without compromising on safety standards or our dedication to the environment. We are committed to being cruelty-free, to do ethical business, and to always live with compassion, kindness, empathy and sustainability in mind.

Make a change for the good of your skin and the good of the environment. 



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